Did you guys all know that this special logo shows up when you hit F12 on your keyboard? Or am I just late to the party?
Astrid herself is the coolest, but I still couldn’t resist making a male version of her. I see some adjustment to make but I can’t right now. My fingers hurt so bad and they need to rest.
+ If you’re seeing this and thinking about young Gobber, you’re not alone, sister.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I’m never gonna get it done

Kjartan (a fictional character by thisisjnnk) - 20140713
Philipp Lahm - 20140727

How to Train Your Dragon 2 was released 3 days ago in South Korea and guess what, I already watched it twice in IMAX. The sequel has proved itself that my 4 years of waiting was totally worth it.

This series has been my all time favorite and by favorite I mean both films and animations. And it always will be. The first time I saw HTTYD I was 16. Now I am 20-year-old art student, majoring in animation (no doubt I have watched much more films since) and being educated about “WHY”. Still, I have failed to explain one single reason why I love them so much. Is it the characters? Is it the story? Is it the visual elements? Maybe all?

When I review films I tend to think about necessity. ‘Did she really need to do that?’ ‘Was that music necessary? If so, couldn’t it be much quieter?’ ‘Why did the director put that thing in frame?’ ‘I think this film would have gone quite well without this scene.’ And when it comes to HTTYD series, I just get so emotional and want to cry all over every single sequences. When someone asks me “is this animation that good?” I say “Don’t ask me, go watch it. Now.”

head-master-ritual asked: Hey man where did you find that Deerhunter track Anticlimax? I've been looking everywhere and I can find it anywhere

The song was posted on Onlydeerhunter - a tumblr dedicated to the band, but it’s been deactivated. 

I wanna quit art school. 

'I'm tired of driving 'til I see stars in my eyes' - 20140613